When Should You Consider Breast Augmentation in Kansas?

»Posted on Jul 24, 2015 in Health

Breast augmentation can be a life altering procedure when done for the right reasons. Most women have preconceived notions and an idea imprinted on their minds that getting surgery will turn them into the perfect woman – this is not the case, surgeons warn! However, if you understand that breast augmentation can increase your self-confidence, improve the way you look, and give you larger breasts, then you’re on the right track.

Before jumping ahead to surgery, you should have a realistic discussion with your doctor as to what you expect to get out of surgery, and whether or not those expectations are realistic. If you think you’re ready, here are the top reasons to consider surgery:

  1. breast-augmentationYou feel that your breasts are entirely too small or feel that they’re underdeveloped.
  2. You don’t feel that your body is proportionate as it currently stands. Too small breasts can often create the illusion that your hips are too wide, whereas, your upper body doesn’t have much going on.
  3. You often feel that you are unable to find clothes in your size that flatter your upper body. Most swimsuits and tops require ample breasts, so being born nearly flat-chested can be a confidence breaker.
  4. Your breasts are asymmetrical or vary in size. Though rather rare, some women may notice that one breast is simply larger than the other, in which case surgery is the only corrective option.
  5. You have drooping or elongated breasts, and were naturally born this way. Surgery can help lift, firm and shape breasts to make them look more natural.

If you have experienced some or all of what was outlined above, a breast augmentation can help transform the way you look. Unlike breast implants, the Breast Augments from procedure uses existing fat in your body to tone, shape, and lift your breasts.…

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Making The Best Paleo Salad Dressing

»Posted on Jul 2, 2015 in Health

Making dressing on the Paleo diet can be easy and rewarding. Instead of buying a bottle, you can make it at home, make it fresh, and tailor it to what you want that day. This really appeals to me because I like knowing what goes into my food, and I like being able to change my mind and really eat what I want.

paleo-salad-dressingThe most common thing I use is a vinaigrette, this is because it adds some flavor, brings out the natural flavors, and can be mixed with almost anything. I really feel like it is the best possible way to go about making a dressing for this diet.

I always have a good vinegar, some good fat, and lemon around the house. These are the building blocks of perfect Paleo Salad Dressings. I can even add juice, spices, or bits of ground up nut if I really want to do that. It all depends on how I feel, and that means each meal tastes better than the last. Some days I might add in a little dairy, but usually I stick to stuff that is a little better for the diet and for my taste buds as well.…

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About the history of health & neurosurgery

»Posted on Dec 4, 2014 in Health

The history of neurosurgery is a fascinating study that shows how far this medical specialty has come over the centuries. The first true surgery on the nervous system was something called “trephination.” This involved opening holes in the skull to expose the brain to open air to release bad “spirits.” Historians now think this procedure was used to treat migraine headaches and seizures. There is evidence this operation was being performed back as far as 10,000 years ago, and skulls exist showing the patients survived and healed from this procedure.

neurosurgeryFor many, many centuries there were no new developments in the field. This reflected both the lack of understanding about how the brain worked, the lack of diagnostic tools available to perform research into body systems, and the lack of adequate medicines and sanitary conditions to perform successful surgery on any part of the body (including the nervous system). This began to change in the 19th century. William Macewen (1848–1924) was the first practitioner of ‘”modern” neurosurgery. For example, he was able to remove a left frontal meningioma (a tumor that forms in the membranes called “meninges” that surround nervous system tissues) from a teenager in 1879, and the patient was able to subsequently return to work.

The next big name in the field was Harvey Cushing. He was the founder of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. Cushing also experimented with cocaine nerve blocks and developed successful methods of pain reduction. He also most likely created the term “regional anesthesia.” Cushing was also a huge advocate in the use of X-rays as a diagnostic tool to find maladies in the body. From these humble roots have developed the current field that relies heavily on computers and robotics. The progress in neurosurgery has indeed been amazing.…

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